Moving Tips: How To Move With A Bird Easily

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Published: 07th November 2012
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Relocating may be difficult but things get worse when you move have to move a bird. Get some helpful tips in order to make your relocation easier.

Moving is considered to be one of the most demanding and stressful endeavors in oneís life. Having to change your everyday habits and living environment in few hours may be hard and difficult making you feel stressed and annoyed. However for other creatures such as birds this experience can be much harder. Given that birds get very nervous while being relocated and as they are sensitive to temperature changes they have to be treated in a certain way in order to make this nuisance as anodyne as possible.

If you donít want to take leave of your beloved winged friends you will have to take them with you to your new house. This process can be easier if you have a good plan of what to do and what to avoid. Follow the plan below and you will be able to make your birdís relocation smoother.


Birds are not only beautiful, pleasurable and funny keeping company to people but they are also very sensitive and delicate. They are strongly connected with people and the environment around them making every change difficult for them. Every change makes the birds feel nervous and insecure, thus relocation can be a big torture especially if you donít know how to treat them while moving.

Personally, I moved recently and I realized that the transfer of my birds proved the most stressful part of my move. Having in my possession two adorable canaries and a beautiful parrot I for years I knew how stressing a move would be for them. Nonetheless having a good idea of how to treat my birds in such an occasion I managed to make it smoother not only for them but also for me. Here is my plan.


First and foremost, make sure that your bird is in good condition and able to be relocated elsewhere. To this point an appointment to your vet is more than necessary. Let the vet know that you are going to move and make sure that there are no illnesses or other problems that would affect the endeavor. After you make sure that your bird is healthy you can start organizing the move.

Before the day of the move you will have to decide whether or not your cage is suitable for a move. As birds get stressed in a noisy and unstable environment you will need a tough cage, if you donít have one mind to use a carrier. In case that you are planning to use another cage or carrier for the day of the move mind to get the bird accustomed to it long before you move. This way you will reduce the birdís stress which is very important especially when it comes to older birds. Feed and have your bird hydrated right before you move.

In addition, the day of the move the cage should be formed in a way that prevents accidents. Pad the inside with tissues or a blanket in order to protect your bird from injuring while moving especially if you are going to move more than one bird in one cage. Remove all decorative items, swings and toys. These items could be dangerous for your bird in case that they fall while being transferred. Remove all food and water too that could make the cage messy. Cover the cage with a blanket in order to protect your bird against temperature changes and also help it feel protected and secured. What is more, the less the birds see changing around them the less they get stressed. During the move you will need to check your bird several times and if you are moving long distance it will need to be fed and hydrated regularly. Finally, if you notice that your bird is stressed try to make it feel your calmness. His/her hearing your voice will help.


My advice will help you move your bird easily. Always remember that the move should be fast and smooth. Hire a reputable furniture removalists company that would be able to cope with animal moves. Let your movers know about your pet in advance in order to have all the equipment needed available. Familiarity is important too. Let the man in a van contact your pet and help it feel comfortable. Even if you decide to take the cage to your car your birds will not get stressed having people working around them. This way you will achieve a smooth and easy move.


By Kostas Theodoropoulos which is writing articles for Quick Pick Movers - Cheap Removals - Cheap Removals Melbourne - Cheap Removalists

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