Moving Made Easy: A Useful Moving Preparation Plan

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Published: 07th November 2012
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The day of your move is close but you find yourself unprepared and lost? Relax! The following article will give you all the information you need in order to organize a stress less and easier move.

Sometimes circumstances require fast and efficient solutions in order to cope with difficult and demanding endeavors. Changing home means that you have to move all of your belongings to a new place and try to start a new life there which is actually a bittersweet experience. On the one hand there is always the positive option, the expectation for a new start, another big pas that will replenish our everyday life while on the other hand it is practically a stressful and tiring endeavor.

Moving requires alertness, decisiveness and good planning so as to manage to achieve thorough organizing which is the key for a smoother and easier relocation. Once you get properly prepared your move will be a breeze. Here is a good plan that will help you make your move as easy as possible.


Living for years in one house the option of changing residence seemed distant to me. However, life is unpredictable, full of surprises. Things change unexpectedly overturning what seemed a given until recently. This is what happened to me when I was offered a new job in the country which used to be a childhood dream. The decision was easy but in practical terms changing home after so many years proved a real challenge. Living in one house for years meant that I had accumulated a lot of possessions too that made my move a brainteaser. Nonetheless, hopefully thanks to my moversí plan I managed to get properly organized and make my move an easy one. Removalists Melbourne gave me advice of how to organize my move and I managed to cope with it easily. Here is what I did.


First of all, you have to start preparing your move a long before you move in order to have enough time to make any changes or correct mistakes if needed. Two months before you move you should start thinking of the things that you are going to take to the new house and those that you are going to give away. Moving is a good chance for cleaning and organizing your possessions which means that you may have to get rid of those that you donít use anymore. You can give the items you donít need to the charity or recycle if possible. Then you will have a complete idea of the items that you are going to move that will help you estimate how many and what kind of packing supplies you will need.

About a month before you move you should start collecting packing materials for your move. Borrow or buy the supplies you need or ask your movers to give you. At the same time you should start preparing the ground for your move. Give your new address to friends and family and transfer your insurance. Contact the Post, power and telephone services too in order to aware them of your changing home and make the necessary arrangements for the transfer of these services to the new house as well. This is a good opportunity to make a thorough market research and see if there are more advantageous services and make changes if you wish.

Then you will be able to start packing your possessions. Pack one room after another in order to avoid getting puzzled and start with the items that are out of season or those that you use less often. If you want to retain order you can store the cartons in the garage or in a room that you use seldom until the day of the move. Finally, put aside the items that you are going to take with you in the car. Pack them up if needed and remember to note on the cartons that you are going to carry these things by yourself. Take extra care of the precious items such as jewelry and objects of great sentimental value too. Take the essentials for the first days in the new house with you, and mind to place them in a place where you can find them easily.


As you can see organizing is the key for an easier move. If you follow this plan you will be able to make your move as smooth as possible. However, hiring a cheap furniture removalists company that can undertake your move from a to z you will be able to save not only a lot of money but also time and effort. Consider all options and make the choice that best serves your needs.


By Kostas Theodoropoulos which is writing articles for Quick Pick Movers - Cheap Removalists Melbourne - Piano Removalist - Cheap Boxes Melbourne

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